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The S5 Mini™ was developed by Dr. Fayiz Mahgoub to eliminate the challenges that his patients experienced with inserting their scleral and hybrid lenses. Its features include:


Unmatched Support:
  • Comes with unlimited access to 1 on 1 coaching with Dr. Mahgoub. Available 7 days a week via phone, text, email and video chat/FaceTime.
  • Includes a detailed user manual with instructions and tips to help make your lens insertion experience as safe and efficient as possible.
  • Includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty that covers parts, labor and shipping within the United States.
  • Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee to give you peace of mind as you learn to insert your lenses.


Hands-free lens stabilization:
  • Gives the user two free hands to hold their eyelids open which helps counter the human blink reflex.
  • Helps reduce spilling of the contact lens insertion solution which decreases the chance of air bubbles getting trapped under the lens.


LED light source:
  • Enables the user to more easily align their eye with the center of the lens during insertion.


Compact Design:
  • Convenient for use at home and on the go.
  • The height from the base of the device to the top of the lens holder is 5.5 inches (14 cm).
  • Optimized for lens insertion while sitting down.

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42 reviews for S5 Mini™

  1. Kristy (verified owner)

    Excellent instrument

    It really makes scleral lens application a cinch. I love this instrument. Congrats to the inventor.

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  2. FaithWashington (verified owner)


    It took me HOURS to put in my lenses . It was under like 30 minutes with this . I almost gave up on the lenses until then .

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  3. Tracy Waterfallen (verified owner)

    Tremendously helps with inserting scleral lenses!

    My son recently was diagnosed with Keratoconus. He was having a difficult time learning to insert the lenses. A tea light was recommend and that worked but the excess fluid caused the batteries to degrade quickly. He also had issues with the inserter falling over. With the S5 mini both problems were solved and he is now able to insert his lenses easily. Great product.

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  4. Fanny Jane OConnor (verified owner)

    This is a game changer!!!!

    I struggled to get my hard contacts in for weeks. I came across this on Amazon and gods honest truth they go in each and every time 1st try!My husband is so happy he doesn’t have to see me struggle and give up.The beauty of this device is everything is simple, easy to understand and it works!!!! I would buy this 1,000 times over!!!Their customer service is awesome too. I can’t recommend enough.

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  5. mary (verified owner)

    Awesome product!👍

    This has device was the key to my success in inserting my sceral lens! I have both lens in my eyes within a couple minutes, and out the door for a new day! The company’s customer service is outstanding. I can not say enough good about this product. Love it!!👍👍

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  6. Cinalou (verified owner)

    It works!

    Like many of you, I found the price of this simple device to be exorbitant. I even tried making my own insertion tool with tubing and a tea candle. Nothing seemed to work for me. After over a month of continued frustration, I finally broke down and purchased my S5 mini. When it arrived I was once again frustrated as I still couldn’t get my lenses in. Before sending it back I contacted Dr. Mahgoub. We had a FaceTime session where he patiently worked with me telling me what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. We eventually were able to get both lenses in. The next day using all Dr. Mahgoub’s tips I was finally able to get them in myself. Just knowing that Dr. Mahgoub was there for me if I had more problems just sort of took the stress away. I still don’t always get my lenses in on the first or second try. But I’m getting better. So now I just think of the $299 price as cheap for unlimited expert eye care advice. And they just throw in the device for free. Thank you Fayiz!

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  7. Sheila denise (verified owner)

    Amazingly effective

    Special needs child was struggling to get her Sclera Lenses in. She is able to use this with minimal issues. It has allowed her to get lenses in quickly. Easy to recharge and clean with alcohol wipe. Very very pleased.

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  8. Kathy O’Neill (verified owner)

    Contact solution causes light connectors to rust

    The product initially worked well until the contact solution runs down the base. This caused the USB connectors to rust which now makes it impossible to charge it. The light doesn’t work now. A very expensive product to have such a poor design. Contact solution gets everywhere. It needs a rubber cover to protect the internal charging port.

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  9. Tina Muheim (verified owner)

    Improved accuracy

    I made my stand using an empty saline bottle, where I cut the tip off and inserted the insertion applicator. I found the S5 Mini recently and decided to buy it. I like it for the light that helps me align my eye and contact. My scleral contact lenses sit better, and I no longer have to take them out and reset them to get a perfect fit.Customer service is impressive as I threw the carrying case and USB adaptor out. The company had replacements out to me in 24 hours.

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  10. Robert (verified owner)


    I think it is way overpriced but it does make things easier

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  11. William Hanson (verified owner)

    Great product

    I was recently prescribed Scleral lenses and went through training at the optometrist office but my hand shakes a little and I was not able to install them. They suggested practice at home and I practiced until my eyes hurt without ever installing them correctly without bubbles. The SS mini made installation a breeze. IT seems a little pricey, but without it the money I spent for the lenses would be wasted,

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  12. Iris Battiste (verified owner)

    Excellent Device

    I have keratoconus, and though my doctor strongly recommended scleral lenses, I was initially hesitant about it since I struggled to insert the lens. It took me almost an hour to insert them using only the DMV inserter, but with the S5 Mini, the insertion takes less than 5 minutes.

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  13. Edward L. Lotz Jr. (verified owner)

    Made it easy to get my scleral lens in

    Now I can get my lens in. My eyes lids was sewed shut partially to help Will my severe dry eye. So it’s very hard to get my lens in since there is a smaller opening. I need both hands to hold my lids wide enough. The only issue was the cost. It is basically priced as if my insurance was paying for it then they get it discounted in the end but simple folks are paying full price instead. But ot does it job and I am glad I can use my lens again.

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  14. bigmama (verified owner)

    Changes everything

    So easy to use. I have to double check I actually have the lens in as it is so comfortable. Eliminated repeated insertion due to bubbles, blinking and who knows what. Amazing.

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  15. Craig J. Poff (verified owner)


    I have had the S5 for three days, accounting for the title of my review. It took 3 attempts to insert my sclera lens on Day One, two attempts on Day Two, and today, Day Three, one attempt. Just set it up, turn on the guide light, put (PF) saline in the “plunger” and guide your eye into it. Its THAT simple. No more 20 minute insertion sessions for me.I knew what my problem was…lack of steady hand to hold the lens and not getting my eyelids open quite far enough.S5 is that “third hand” I have been wishing for…holds the sclera steady, while I lock in on the beam and just lower my eyes, with TWO hands available to open wide my eyelids.I still wear a disposable Accuview contact in my “good eye” and with the S5, both lenses are just as easy to put in.The inventor did us a super service and he deserves to be paid for his work. For me, it changed sclera lens wear from a hassle to something I don’t even think about anymore, its that easy.Now, I ask the Inventor—–Please invent us something to get out lenses OUT!! 😉

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  16. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    This product literally changed my wife’s life

    Not only is this a terrific life changing product that works beautifully, the customer support and follow up has been absolutely exceptional! I highly recommend this tool and this organization! THANK YOU!

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  17. Sreekanth (verified owner)


    Awesome device. Very very useful for people who are suffering to insert the Scleral contact lens. I strongly suggest use this device.Thanks to Augmented Vision Labs!

  18. Shawn O’Neill (verified owner)

    Don’t hesitate!

    Before buying this tool, getting these lenses in has been so frustrating! Reading others reviews made me pull the trigger in buying this. First day, took about 4-5 try’s in each eye. 2nd day, first try in both eyes! It’s expensive but worth it not having to spend an hour fighting every natural reaction to get these hard lenses in, thank you!

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  19. yvonne (verified owner)

    This saved my eyesight!

    Without this device I was headed towards a corneal transplant. I couldn’t put on the scleral lenses and when I did they did not fit properly. I now have lenses that fit me correctly but still struggled with putting on the lenses. Now with the S5 Mini it frees up both hands so I can hold my eyelids open, prevent spilling the saline and after day 4 of having my lenses I can put them on no problem, no bubbles and I can see again! Don’t hesitate to buy this device if you are struggling with your scleral lenses it will help you past the hurdles.

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  20. Lucia Martin (verified owner)


    If you are struggling with the sclerals, this device is the solution. It used to take me 45 minutes to insert both contacts and with the S5 Mini it now takes me less than 2 minutes. I am wearing the sclerals every day and it has literally changed my life.

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  21. R. F. Shapard (verified owner)

    Life is easier now

    I highly recommend the S5 Mini to those who regularly–or even occasionally–experience frustration inserting their scleral lenses. After having my lenses for almost a year, I am fairly proficient at inserting them manually, but I still approached the insertion process with a certain amount of dread, wondering if I would have difficulty that day, especially with my right eye, which has a tight lid. Initially, with the inserter, I had trouble focusing on the light, but with Dr. Mahgoub’s coaching I soon was inserting both lenses on the first try, every time. Less mess, less time–life is definitely easier now.

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  22. Rocki (verified owner)

    This was worth every cent i spent

    I had so much trouble putting my contacts in and this solved my problem. It was so bad some days i just walked around with bad vision because putting them on was too hard. Since i brought this, it takes leas than 5 minutes. If you searching, just buy it because it worth it.

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  23. Paul Sewell (verified owner)

    Having two long term corneal grafts I was last year prescribed scleral contact lens as a better vision solution for me going forward. These proved ideal in very way except their insertion which due to their larger size became increasingly problematic with failure and painful air bubbles an increasing problem – so much so that a degree of anxiety prevailed around a process which had been routine for me for 30 years.
    I then became aware of the S5 Mini device which has solved all of my problems and the daily insertion of my lens has become an effortless routine once more.
    Thank you – I love inventors & problem solvers.

  24. 475 (verified owner)

    A perfect device for blinkers

    It really swirls. It makes inserting contacts easy. A must for those who are blinkers or have difficulty with Len insertion

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  25. Barbara Russell (verified owner)

    Game Changer

    I was taught to put my Scleral lenses in myself and I was able to do this without any difficulty. My Optometrist did tell me this product and after watching the video, I was sold. This takes soo little time to get my lenses in consistently, I love it!!! I do want to be able to insert my lenses myself but I lean towards this device 99% of the time. I am very glad I bought this product.

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  26. Kindle Customer (verified owner)

    Great for scleral lenses.

    It’s near impossible to put these contacts in by myself. My daughter usually holds the applicator while I use both hands to open my eye lids. This is amazing the light even helps line my eye up. It has helped so much I actually wear my contacts 6 days a week instead of 2 now. It took so long before to get it right. Now it’s way more convenient. Thank you so much for this. Dr. Mahgoub.

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  27. pj hinton (verified owner)

    Game Changer!!!

    I tried the taller version of this product first and it did not work for me, but this one is a winner!!! Now, I can get my scleral contact lenses in on the first try every single time!! It has made such a difference that there just are no words to describe what a difference it has made in my life!! I was so frustrated with trying to get my lenses in and now it is a breeze. This product is expensive, but for me, worth every penny in the time and frustration that it saves me every single day!!! Hurray for the S5 mini!!!

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  28. Donna (verified owner)


    This device is WONDERFUL!! It has really helped me install my lenses faster which took several minutes usually up to 30 mins 😞. I can’t say enough how the device has helped me just make sure you charge it every other night. Most important when you get ready to put the lense in, once you look down center your eye with the light it pops right in! Omg it has save me FRUSTRATION and time I wish I had discovered it sooner. If your looking for some help look no more.

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  29. John (verified owner)


    UPDATE: This is the best thing possible you can get for your lenses. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid 3 times as much. THANK YOU.While I still think this is way overpriced for what it is, I understand that these are not mass produced. That said, its freaking incredible. Put my sclera lenses in today with one try and all the liquid stayed in. Yes, its worth it. AND would be great if this would come down a bit in price.

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  30. Susanna (verified owner)

    It’s perfect

    Thank you very much to make our life more easy .it’s worked excellent,

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  31. Steven J. Kile (verified owner)

    Not Worth $300.00 Not Even Close

    It has a light illuminating from the center. The Sceletal lens holder has a hole in it for guiding the lens into your eye by the light illuminating from the hole. This is made from cheap plastic. In fact part of the base of the holder that I don’t use, broke apart from moving it from one place to another. This whole kit shouldn’t cost more than $20 yet with tax it’s well over $300. This is a shame, but you could make something similar with a penlight & some duct tape, thereby saving yourself $300 plus dollars. Wrap the duct tape around the sceleral lens holder & the business end of the pen light to where the light only shines out of the sceleral lens holder. Voila you have just made something useful from parts you have lying around the house already.

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  32. Jaaved (verified owner)

    I Thought I Had No Hope, With My glass Lens

    Hello Everyone, I have to say, when my eye doctor said I needed these round glass lens I thought okay sounds interesting. I was not able to get them in but when I searched google and YouTube I came across this product, I said wow to price at first but the best does not come cheap. I went from spending 3hrs-2hrs fighting with the old fashion way of getting the lens in to now only taking about 10 mins to get both lens In10-15,like me. The customer service is amazing He said he will send a how to video and sent it on time and when he said he was going send it have to appreciate that in todays market a seller that responds around the clock BEST CUTOMER SUPPORT. The charger is included in the package and the batter will last around 10 days to 15 days and even longer travel a lot and while on my trips I don’t even have to charge it.A USB type A cable was included but I needed a USB- C cable that is provided by the seller. All in one product. From Jaaved

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  33. Stephanie Als (verified owner)

    Excellent product

    This is the best product available on the market. My daughter who was 17 i’ve never wore lenses and had to start wearing scleral lenses. She had a really hard time keeping her eyelids open and inserting the lens at the same time. This frees up both hands to hold her eyelids open So she can successfully insert the lenses. Without this product I don’t think she would be a successful as she has today.

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  34. Margaret Ralph (verified owner)

    Scleral Lens Breakthrough

    I was determined to keep my active lifestyle and was willing to do whatever it took to wear scleral lenses.When I read about these “S5 Inserters”, I immediately did my research!The S5 Inserter and S5 Mini Inserter frees up my two hands, making it so much easier to insert my scleral lenses.The S5 Inserter and S5 Mini Inserter are my morning confidence boosters!The S5 Inserter and S5 Mini Inserter eliminated my daily anxiety and daily frustration knowing I had to face the manual ordeal of putting in my scleral lenses every morning.The S5 Mini Inserter and S5 Inserter ‘relieved’ me of this daily ordeal.The S5 Inserters are my assurance support every morning now.The “Functionality” of both S5 Inserters alleviated the apprehensiveness for folks like me.And even more, I immediately thought:”How in God’s name were burn victims who need scleral lenses getting them on?Or patients with cerebral palsy, how were they managing this challenging process”?So, you see, I am one of the lucky ones and I just hope that Ophthalmologists join forces on both the S5 Inserters’ “Breakthrough” because BOTH S5 Inserters are a Medical Advancement.The S5 Inserters are not simply an additional suggestion how to manually hold your eye open with one hand while struggling to put your scleral lens in with the other.The S5 Inserters rid me of the daily anxiety of struggling every morning to manually get my scleral lenses in.What took several daily tries (3 to 4 attempts) using the manual method, struggling with ‘air bubbles’ trapped under my lenses, now all I have to do are the following:1- I simply setup per instructions, the S5 Inserter or S5 Mini Inserter (I use both Inserters off and on).2- I use two free hands now to hold open my eye’s top and bottom lids, which increases my overall stability.3- I simply and properly lean over the S5 Inserter (or S5 Mini).4- Then I visually can make contact with my scleral lens on the S5 Inserter (or S5 Mini), which is guided through the LED lighting, easily making both eye and scleral lens attach together.5- Conclusion: Immediately, the lens is properly on my eye!No more air bubbles, no more irritation, no more continuous failed attempts!Thank you Dr. Fayiz Mahgoub, immensely!Margaret RalphSeattle, Washington

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  35. Ant Corso (verified owner)

    Thank God for this device

    Truly a Godsend. Without this device i would not be able to wear my lenses. First thing i thought was; ” someone cares”….. Thank you

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  36. nightnurse73 (verified owner)

    Promotes confidence

    I love it! I was having a lot of trouble getting my contacts in. I would always blink. This has allowed me to use both hands to hold my eyelids open. I would purchase again if I have to!

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  37. Rebecca Quimby (verified owner)

    Great for hard contacts

    I have used this to insert my seclaral hard contacts. I love using the unit, the light guides placement.

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  38. Suvana (verified owner)

    Best Purchase EVER!

    I am so excited to let you know that if you are struggling to get in your specialty lenses then this is the product for you. I spent over 2000.00 between fittings, exams and lenses on my my new sclera lenses and they gave me a 90 day trial at which time I could return them if they didn’t fit to get at least 1/2 my money back. My lenses finally came in and I spent all afternoon at the eye dr trying to get them in my eyes myself. Before they closed they agreed to help me get them in my eyes so they could at least see how they fit. I could SEE !! It was amazing, the lenses worked!! I was so excited they let me wear them home in hopes that I would figure out how to put them in my eyes once I got home. 60 days went by and no still no luck. I had family members trying to help me and a few times my husband would get one in but not the other and we would spend hours struggling with this and I was starting to come to terms with the fact I was going to have to return them when I started watching you tube videos of how other people got them in. I was trying all the tips and tricks and then one day I happened upon the video showing the S5 Mini Insertion System! I knew right away it was exactly what I needed for my tight eyelids. I am such a blinker I knew I needed both hands to hold my lids open. I kept saying I need 3 hands to be able to do this. When my S5 arrived I was so excited and wow! It blew me away! It was in fact exactly what I needed. The first day I had them in within the first 1/2 hour if not faster and now I literally get them in on the first try consistently with no air bubbles!! I was crying happy tears and literally feel like I can see in high def now!! My vision is amazing with these lenses and thanks to the S5 mini I can get them in my eyes. Thank you thank you thank you for making this amazing device! I already showed my eye Dr who was so impressed she wants to start keeping them in the office for anyone else who has difficulties getting the lenses in. Please please please if you think you can’t insert your specialty lenses – you can! Don’t give up and get an S5 mini today!!

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  39. Patricia (verified owner)

    Awesome assist for GP lens wearers

    The media could not be loaded.

     I am a first-time wearer of contact lenses of any kind, so I was concerned that scleral lens insertion would prove to be more of a challenge than I might want to take on. Fortunately, my optometrist introduced me to the S5 Mini during my initial instructional session with her. The contrast in ease with other insertion methods could not be greater! There is a downloadable manual that clearly explains the use and care of the S5 Mini, and its inventor/developer – himself an optometrist – takes care to follow up with any questions you may have about the device. I am still adjusting to my scleral lenses, but the S5 Mini is making the process much smoother.

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  40. Selena (verified owner)


    Small, but made it a lot easier to get my contacts in.

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  41. LH (verified owner)

    OK In A Pinch

    This is too tall and unstable, and does not suction down to the counter very well. Also, due to contact solution running down it, the cheap metal connectors rusted quite quickly. The light is not ideal either, as it is not concentrated in one spot. I am ordering the green light kind that my doctor originally provided instead— same price and way better quality.

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  42. Marko C (verified owner)

    a MIRACLE!

    my doctor and I struggled to insert my scleral lens because I have abnormally tight eyelids that do not open wide like normal people . After three consecutive one-hour frustrating office visits, she suggested I try the S% Mini. First time using the device, I got the right lens in on 3rd try, the very bad left eye lens in on 2nd attempt! Flat out miracle! AVL sent a downloadable pdf manual that was brilliant, the design is brilliant, and package even included CEOs business card!

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