Extra iPhone Charging Cable (Silver)



Each iSLA™ device comes with a 10 ft iPhone charging cable to allow you to use your iPhone without worrying about battery life. Cable clips are also provided to allow you to securely attach the charging cable to your slit lamp so it doesn’t get in the way.
If you anticipate using your iSLA™ on more than one slit lamp you may find it useful to have additional charging cables and cable clips that can be dedicated to each slit lamp you use. This makes the process of moving the iSLA™ from one slit lamp to another faster because it eliminates the need to detach and re-attach the charging cable to the slit lamp every time you change slit lamps.


  • 10 ft iPhone charging cable (Color: silver).
  • 8 cable management clips with 3M™ adhesive.
  • 3 hook and loop cable ties (each is 6.5 cm long).
  • Free shipping to any address within the United States.


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